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Woman Charged For Giving Water To Pigs (Video)

A woman is currently in a legal battle after she was charged with "mischief" for giving water to pigs in the back of a truck.

Anita Krajnc spotted a truck full of overheated and dehydrated pigs on their way to slaughter and decided to go over and give some of the pigs water. The incident was captured on film (video below) by other members of her group, Toronto Pig Save.

When the driver of the truck saw what the group members were doing, he got out of his truck and yelled at Anita, "Don't give him anything. Do not put water in there!" He then proceeded to call Krajnc a "dumb frickin' broad."

The next day, the pork farmer responsible for the pigs pressed charges against Krajnc, telling police she poured an "unknown liquid" into the truck.

In court on August 24, activists filled the courtroom to support Krajnc and the Toronto Pig Save organization.

Krajnc defended herself in court, saying that the pigs were overheated and dehydrated.

If found guilty, Krajnc faces jail time and/or a fine of up to $5,000 for giving water to the pigs.

Sources: LittleThingsCBCTorontoPigSave/YouTube / Photo credit: TorontoPigSave/YouTube

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