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Woman Gives Birth On The Side Of The Highway

Mariah Ostler, 32, was visiting her mother in North Ogden, Utah, when contractions set in.

"Since [my mom] was the only adult home with all the kids, I'm like, 'Well, I have to go to the hospital,'” Ostler told Good4Utah.

After just 10 minutes of driving on the interstate, Ostler’s water broke and she was forced to call 911.

The dispatcher stayed on the line as Ostler pulled over and began to push. Willard City Police Chief Jean Loveland and Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Josh Carr showed up just in time. 

"I went around the other side of the vehicle, and as I got there, she said it was crowning,” Loveland said. 

Car added: "I had just enough time to get my sterile gloves on and get a sterile sheet out right underneath the child's head."

The dashboard camera recorded footage of Ostler yelling, “Oh! Ouch!” followed by Carr saying, “Oh, we got him! We got him! We got him right there.”

Ostler did not know the gender of her baby, so it was a surprise for everyone involved. “When [Carr] said, 'It's a boy,' we all kind of teared up, just like one of those happy moments you see on TV, but it was really happening right then!" said Brittney Chugg, the main dispatcher involved.

Carr was just as excited and likened helping Ostler to witnessing the birth of a his own children. "He came right out in my hands and just — it was right there!" he said. “It was very emotional — a very satisfying moment in my career.”

Emergency crews took mother and child to Brigham City Community Hospital. Though he hasn’t been named yet, the healthy baby boy weighs 9 pounds 9 ounces and already has a potential career lined up.

Carr visited Ostler and her son in the hospital, where he presented him with a Utah Highway Patrol badge. “We'd like to do some official recruiting,” Carr said. "We're always looking for qualified applicants."

Source: Good4Utah / Image via Good4Utah


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