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Woman Gives Birth To One Of The Biggest Babies Ever Born (Photos)

A British mother recounted her story of giving birth to one of the country's largest babies to be born naturally.

Charlotte Hawthorn from Wirral, England, gave birth to Rory, who at 12-pounds, 7-ounces, weighed approximately twice as much as most newborns.

"I planned a natural delivery not knowing he was going to be twice the size of most newborns," Hawthorn said. "He is gorgeous, we call him our little hunky chunky."

After years of failing to conceive, Hawthorn and her fiance, Matthew Williams, were thrilled to learn they were expecting in July 2015 after one trial of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

"Lying down watching my belly move is THE best feeling I've ever felt ever," she wrote on Facebook in January. "Feeling his little feet with the palm of my hand under my skin is just unreal. Something I was scared I'd never experience."

Although her 12-week and 20-week scans indicated that Rory was developing normally, a private 4-D scan at 27 weeks showed he was already fairly large.

"I got told he was about 3 pounds at that stage but I’m tall at 5 feet 11 inches so I think people expected that Rory would be big," Hawthorn explained.

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The 23-year-old mother was induced May 3, two weeks after her due date. She started pushing at 7:00 a.m., but Rory did not start to emerge until 9:04 a.m. due to his size.

"At one point I got frustrated because Mathew thought I wasn’t pushing hard enough when I really was," she said. "I think when he finally came out people [realized] what I had been up against."

After the baby’s larger-than-average head appeared, the midwife called for several medics to help with the delivery.

"When he finally come out everyone was stunned and saying how big he was," Hawthorn recalled. "My partner’s first words were, 'Charl he is huge.'"

Hawthorn said she did not really realize how large Rory was until she went to the newborn ward.

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"I met another [mom] and we put them side by side and nobody could believe I had really just pushed him out myself," she said. "He looked like a giant, bless him."

Both mother and the baby, who now weighs 20 pounds, are doing well.

"He’s our little miracle now in more ways than one," Hawthorn said.


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