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Woman Gets Superglued To Her Own Front Door

On June 4, Fiona Crabb, 28, returned home after spending the evening at a friend’s house in Oldham, Greater Manchester, England, to discover the handle of her front door was a little sticky. Apparently, some pranksters had super glued Crabb's door and she was stuck there for hours.

It took four calls from Crabb and her neighbors to convince emergency responders to help her — at first, they didn’t respond because they believed she was pranking them, reports The Telegraph.

“I did manage to get the door open and woke up my partner Tony, but I just couldn't free myself,” she said."I don't understand why anyone would do something so stupid. I'd rather not know who did it as I'd be too upset.” 

When paramedics finally arrived, they discovered it was difficult to free her. “When the paramedics arrived, they tried so many things to get me free. They used Coca-Cola, WD-40, Fairy (dishwashing) Liquid, hot water and vegetable oil but nothing was working.I started to get really scared the longer I was glued on.”

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Eventually, paramedics unscrewed the door's handle and took Crabb to a local hospital. Doctors used a saw to remove most of the handle, reports Metro. 

“I was left just holding the main bit of the handle. They used a special solution to dissolve the glue, which thankfully worked, but I’ve been left with burns across my hand,” Crabb said. “It was really scary as I didn’t have any kind of anesthetic and I didn’t get home until 4 a.m.” 

Crabb won’t need any more medical treatment, but she has to apply oil to her hand at night and wears a plastic glove to keep the skin moist, allowing it to heal. She has since changed her locks.

“I’ve been in the (apartment) for just over a year but never had a trouble before. I do feel safe where I live but I’ll be checking the handle every time I come home,” she said.“I think it was just strangers playing a prank, but I would be really angry if I found out it was someone I knew.”

Sources: Metro, The Telegraph

Image: Rebecca Siegel/Flickr


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