Woman Gets Run Over by Her Own Car Three Times

A woman who was delivering papers in Quebec, Canada was ran over by her own car three times, but managed to live to tell about it.

The woman was working a regular shift delivering newspapers earlier in the week when the incident happened. This required her to jump in and out of her car, dropping off editions of Le Nouvelliste at houses.

While it seemed like a typical day, everything was turned upside down when she accidentally put her transmission into reverse instead of park when she was outside a house.

She was unexpectedly hit by the car's open door as it moved backwards, and this brought her down, resulting in the car running over one of her legs.

She pulled herself up quickly to catch the car, but when she leaned inside to change the gears, she ended up falling down to the ground again and was run over a second time. 

Again, she mustered up the strength to get up again and head back to the car. The woman was unlucky in this attempt as well, as the car ran her over for the third and final time.

At this point, she gave up trying to get control over the car and started crying out for help at 4 a.m. as she was lying on the ground. Residents heard her and rushed to the scene to help.

The car continued moving down the road, faster and faster, until police were able to stop it. 

The woman was taken to the hospital for the injuries to her leg.

Sources: Yahoo, Inquisitr


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