Woman Gets Back At Ex By Having Sex All Around The World


A woman healed her broken heart by traveling around the world and having sex with a number of people in different countries. 

Laura Jane Williams began her sexual journey after her boyfriend of six years dumped her and got engaged to her friend.

The 30-year-old from Derby, England, decided the best way to get revenge on her ex was to sleep with countless men throughout the world, immersing herself in the culture of various European countries and in the U.S. 

Williams wrote of her exploits in a book called "Becoming," which she revealed stories from in an article in The Sun:

In a fit of spontaneity, I fled to Paris to visit a friend and had my first post-heartache sexual encounter with a hot Frenchman at a party in an apartment. 

Raphael made his move outside on the stairs. I knew that at any moment somebody could walk out of the apartment, but as he pulled down my leggings suddenly I no longer minded that only a single door separated us from the party.

Despite our semi-naked antics he refused to have sex saying: “No thanks. French girls don’t do that.”

It didn’t put me off men, though. The rejection didn’t have to hurt. Men could be interchangeable.

One man was never enough. Peers, colleagues, strangers and friends were all potential lovers.

After sleeping with the Frenchman, Williams began pursuing other men, and eventually landed a gig in the U.S. conducting writing workshops at a university. 

“That’s when I fell for 18-year-old Chad, who I liked to take control of in the bedroom," Williams wrote. "I wanted him to come over almost every night. I got antsy when he didn’t text and if he took too long to initiate sex I’d get weird." 

“Six weeks after we started sleeping together I saw him with a blonde," she continued. "By the time he got to my apartment minutes later I’d worked myself into a frenzy. I opened the door, pulled him into my bedroom and threw him down on the bed.”

She continued to explore others when she returned to the U.K., sleeping with a teacher, a 19-year-old father and a fellow trainee at a university she worked in:

Women were not off my list, either — I struck up a romance with one of my female friends.

We had a bizarre, confused relationship for about six weeks, while I was also sh---ing men.

It revolved around her being able to do whatever she wanted to me and yet I never saw her naked. Not once. I wasn’t allowed to touch her.

Williams soon began to realize she didn’t respect herself and needed to change her life before she destroyed it:

So I signed up to live in an Italian convent. I moved into Chiostro di Sant’Agostino, near the seaside town of Loano in the Riveria. I thought it was a convent with nuns, but it was actually a monastery with elderly monks, who took me in and helped me recover.

I vowed to be celibate while I was there. It was amazing, the perfect place to heal and reflect.

After my wild years being in such a slow, easy place made me consider life. It was just what I needed. The doors were pretty much open to anybody who needed a bed. People would bring gifts for the monks and ask for help. I did too.

After returning from the convent, she was celibate for a time before finally caving and sleeping with a man she called “The Peacock.”

“It was the best sex of my life," she said. "I’d had no idea what I’d been missing out on and so we did it again, and then again, and then once more in the morning...,” she recalled. 

"...It was lovely.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun / Photo credit: Laura Jane Williams/Instagram via Daily Mail 

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