Woman Gets $25,000 After Inappropriate Florida Police Search


A woman in Florida has received $25,000 in a settlement with police after an officer forced her to lift up her shirt and shake out her bra multiple times while searching for drugs in a traffic stop.

Lakeland police officer Dustin Fetz pulled over 27-year-old Zoe Brugger for having a broken headlight in May, according to the Daily Mail.

During the routine traffic stop, Brugger was forced to leave her can and to lift her shirt and shake out her bra by Fetz.

Silent video of the stop shows that Brugger was crying during the search. She had given birth to a son days before the stop and her boyfriend, Larry Fields, was also in the car at the time of the stop.

“(Fetz) made me go through the whole humiliating ordeal with shaking my bra out, right there in the middle of this parking lot on Beacon Road,” Brugger told ABC Action News.

No illegal substances were found in Brugger’s car.

The police officer did not break the department’s strip search policies, but he did fail to have his audio recorder on during the incident. For this violation, he was suspended for a day.

The silent video sparked some backlash on the internet from people who felt the search was excessive and inappropriate.

'Looking back on the incident (Fetz) recognizes that he was overzealous in his attempt to locate illegal drugs or contraband in the car,' said State Attorney Investigator Mike Brown.

Source: Daily Mail, ABC News


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