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Mother-Of-Three Allegedly Gang Raped By 6 Migrants

Six migrants in Sunderland, England, are in jail after a woman accused them of drugging and raping her.

The 26-year-old mother of three said she woke up in a strange house after a night out, during which she believes her drink was spiked and she was sexually assaulted by the group of men.

Six men have been arrested in connection with the sexual assault. The men, all between the ages of 20 and 30, reportedly come from Iraq, Syria and Bahrain, according to the Daily Mail.

Breitbart reports that Southern Area Command Chief Inspector Paul Milner released a statement regarding the gang rape:

We know the woman had been in Sunderland City [Center] on Saturday night before waking up in a strange address in Peel Street with cuts and bruises. She managed to leave the house and get to a family member's home at around 5am on Sunday morning. The victim believes her drink may have been spiked. This is obviously a very serious incident and something we know the local community will be concerned about and we will have officers on patrol to offer reassurance to anyone who may be concerned and answer any queries they may have.

Days later, news of the alleged gang rape sparked violent protests in Sunderland. Protesters went to the house where the woman says she was raped and smashed its windows.

Protesters clashed, and police were called in to control the situation. Two protesters from Asia, who were not connected to the alleged rape, were injured. Five protesters from Sunderland were arrested for fighting.

Sources: Daily Mail, Breitbart / Photo Credit: Tony Webster/Wikimedia Commons

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