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Woman Found Naked With Eyes Gouged Out

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A South African woman was attacked and killed in her home. She was stabbed 21 times before having her eyes gouged out. 

Tanya Wiers' body was discovered by her son, Rolf, who arrived home from school to find his mother lying bloodied in her daughter’s bedroom, reports the Daily Mail. 

Police said the killing was the worst they had ever seen. Wiers, 44, a mother of three, was attacked and murdered in her home in Polokwane, 150 miles north of Pretoria, South Africa. Police have arrested 25-year-old suspect Frans Maela in connection with the murder. 

A neighbor described finding Wiers after the woman’s husband called and asked her to check on his home, after he himself received a frantic call from his son.  

“I went into the house, thinking she might have died from a heart attack,” the neighbor said. “What I saw was like something out of a horror movie. She was lying in her youngest daughter’s room covered by a duvet beside the bed.”

Reaction to the story on Facebook was swift. 

One user wrote, “There are so many Horrific murders, daily!, in South Africa! 5 farmers were murdered (a family of 4!) in the last 48 hours! Why is the international media not reporting regularly about SA's crime? It needs international coverage and pressure being put on the USELESS ANC government who are not at all concerned about the dreadful levels of crime! Cry the beloved country indeed..”

Another added, “I cant even imagine what she went thru..and her poor son had to find his mom like that..omggggg...what kind of a monster did that to her? What horrible creatures are we living with on this planet..this is beyond gruesome..”

“This is the most gruesome thing I’ve ever seen," said Edwel Community Policing spokesman Brigadier Motafela Mojapelo. "I can’t think that there will ever be anything worse. It was evident that the victim put up the fight of her life, there was so much blood and her defensive wounds tell their own horrifying story.”

Maela is currently in custody awaiting a hearing.

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mail/Facebook / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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