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Woman Found Molded To A Chair In Her Home

Residents of a neighborhood in Springfield, Ohio, had no idea 75-year-old Barbara Foster even lived on their street. They were shocked when emergency vehicles swarmed outside her home to free her from a chair that she had been stuck in for seven months.

On the evening on Feb. 16, first responders came to Foster's home for a wellness check, reports the Toledo Blade. Inside the house, emergency personnel found the 550-pound woman sitting in a chair in her living room. She had not gotten up since July 2016, and neighbors said they could smell human feces from the sidewalk.

Over those months, her body weakened so much her skin molded to the shape of the chair, said a report from the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office.

"I was also advised that Barbara was so physically weak that bones in her body were breaking when EMS was attempting to carry her out of the house," said the report.

Neighbors could hear Foster screaming in pain as responders removed her from the chair and transported her to the hospital, notes WTOL.

The conditions were so unsanitary the crew had to wear protective suits for their own safety.

"I've never seen so many people suited up," said neighbor Robbie Zolciak. "It was quite a scene."

Zolciak believes Foster has lived next door for at least 10 years, when he moved into town, but he had not "physically seen her" for years. He said he would wave to her regularly and recalled a church volunteer regularly coming by her house, though he never spoke with her.

A volunteer with Foster's church told investigators he delivered food to Foster for the last 10 years but called 911 because the woman was "not acting herself," notes the police report. The volunteer said he was used to the smell.

Foster was taken to hospital, although there is no known information on her condition.

"The hope is not to have something get to this extreme," said the Area Office on Aging's Senior Vice President of Long-Term Care Pam Wilson. "We don't want this to be the norm. That's why we're here. We're here to link people up with help."

Sources: Toledo Blade, WTOL / Photo credit: Fox 61/Twitter

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