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Woman Sentenced For Pouring Scalding Water Over Husband's Head

Ken Gregory, 65, was abused by his wife, but he finally got to see justice in court.

Gregory’s wife, Teresa Gilbertson, 60, poured scalding water over him after he failed to meet her “unrealistic” financial demands in April 2014. Gregory suffered first and second degree burns on 14% of his body. Though it has been almost a year since Gilbertson attacked him, Gregory still bears scars from the assault at his bungalow.

Today, Gibertson was found guilty of grievous bodily harm and sentenced to four years in prison. Gilbertson, a former officer, reportedly didn’t show any remorse for her actions.

Prosecutor Thomas Brown said the attack was deliberate.

"The marriage had become extremely strained and there were underlying difficulties concerning money, the conduct of Teresa Gilbertson and her unrealistic expectation of what he could provide,” he said. "She was demanding money for doing housework and to buy cars.”

Gregory, who met Gilbertson after his wife of 30 years died, said he hopes his experiences would hope other victims of abuse come forward.

"As a man who is a bit older and who isn't exactly small, there is a perception that you can't be a victim of domestic violence,” he told the BBC. "But it should be the same message that they put out for women - don't be frightened, you don't have to put up with it.”

The couple is in the process of divorcing.

Source: BBC (2), Mirror

Image Credit: PA via Mirror


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