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Woman Found In Front Yard Covered In Blood And Holding Dead Dog

Oklahoma City police officers were shocked to discover a 22-year-old woman covered in blood and holding her dead dog in her front yard. Now, the woman is facing animal cruelty charges.

Reports say that police responded to a call of a woman outside of her home drenched in blood and holding her dead dog. When officers arrived at the home, Sammie Bruhwiler had blood smeared all over her face and was cradling her obviously deceased pet.

Officers reportedly followed a trail of blood back into the house where they discovered two bloody knives, although they were unable to confirm that the knives are what killed the dog.

Now, Bruhwiler has been arrested and faces animal cruelty charges for the death of her Shih Tzu. Neighbor Willis Moses says that the incident shocks him, claiming that Bruhwiler loved her dog.

“She seemed like a nice little girl, had her life together,” said Moses. “And she loved that little dog, seemed like it to me.”

Investigators say that the dog appears to have been suffocated and not stabbed as the knives would suggest, and Bruhwiler claims that she was trying to trim the dog’s fur. The 22-year-old is currently being held at Oklahoma County Jail.

Sources: The Blaze, KRMG, KFOR


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