Condo Association Allegedly Tells Resident To Take Down American Flag


A Georgia woman is up in arms after her condo association gave her an ultimatum: take down the flag flying above her door or get fined.

Mary Lou Olsen has been living at the Ashborough Village Condos in Marietta, Georgia, for about four decades now, WSB-TV reports. She first placed a flag outside of her house when her son joined the Marines over 20 years ago. When he retired from service, she gifted the flag to him.

Now, her grandson has joined the Marines, but when she decided to fly another flag to honor him, the Ashborough Condominium Association sent all their residents letters that said that inanimate objects are forbidden from being attached to the building.

“I’m disappointed in my country,” Olsen told Channel 2 Actions News.

“The country moves on, and let’s not forget them,” she continued, “but I feel like they’re forgotten by telling me I have to take my flag down.”

The ban includes objects such as lights and flags.

Olsen could be fined $25 for each day she has the flag up, according to a letter the condominium association sent Olsen. At that point, she must either remove it herself or have maintenance staff take it.

“They’ll put a lien on me,” Olsen said.

The vice president of the condominium association has said that she can keep her flag on the stipulation that it is flown from a pole that is no more than 4 feet from her door and that it is illuminated at night. It must be made of an all-weather material as well.

“My right is I’ll fly the flag of my country,” Olsen said.

According to the association board, the rule forbidding inanimate objects from hanging from the building is in place to protect the structural material.

Source: WSBTV, Patch

Photo Credit: WikiCommons


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