Woman Uses Shopping Cart As Getaway Vehicle (Video)

An unidentified woman was recently caught on a surveillance video apparently stealing groceries from a Wal-Mart in East Huntingdon Township, Pennsylvania.

The video (below) also shows the woman using the shopping cart as her getaway transportation.

“It appears this woman is just on a normal shopping spree,” Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Steve Limani told CBS Pittsburgh. “She has her list, she’s going through the store."

“You see her during the video, crossing things off her list as she’s putting them into the buggy,” Limani added.

According to authorities, the woman placed razors, meat, milk and beauty products inside plastic food storage containers, noted WTAE.

She then seems to roll past the checkout line and leave the store.

“She uses (the grocery cart) as a skateboard to skate across their parking lot,” Limani stated.

Sources: CBS Pittsburgh, WTAE
Image Credit: CBS Pittsburgh Screenshot


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