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Woman Finds Dead Mouse In Kelloggs Cereal

Pouring a bowl of cereal in the morning is usually an almost subconscious activity. You stumble out of bed, eat your cereal and sip some coffee in hopes of feeling like a functional human being sometime soon. But as this story shows, it might be wise for us all start paying a little more attention whan making our morning meal.

A British grandmother was shocked recently to find a dead mouse mixed in with a bowl of Crunchy Nut she’d just poured her grandson. She told Metro that if she hadn’t noticed the rodent, she easily could have been rushing her son to the emergency room.

"I noticed something black covered in the cornflakes,” Pauline Henderson said. “I got a spoon and gingerly moved the flakes out of the way. Then I saw the mouse. It was horrible and I felt absolutely sick.”

Henderson says her young grandson was just about to eat the cereal when she noticed the mouse.

“Toby was standing beside me saying ‘cornies, cornies’ as they are his favourite cereal,” she told Metro. “If he had eaten it, I could have been rushing him to hospital.”

Henderson reported the rodent to Kellogs, the manufacturer of Crunchy Nut. Kelloggs says they will carry out a “full investigation” of the matter. Tesco, the store she bought the box from, says they are “concerned” by the story.

Understandably, Henderson doesn’t think she’ll be buying another box of Crunchy Nut anytime soon.

“It put me off buying any Crunchy Nut ever again,” she said. 

Source: Metro


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