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Woman Finds Homeless Man Living In Her Attic (Photos)

Woman Finds Homeless Man Living In Her Attic (Photos) Promo Image

A Virginia woman made a shocking discovery after hearing noises coming in her home at night, finding out that a strange man had been living in her attic.

Police discovered the man on July 25, after the woman, who has asked not to be publicly identified, told her landlord that she heard footsteps in the attic, according to the New York Post.

"I heard footsteps above me, and I checked in with my landlord, because sometimes he's used the storage above," said the woman.

The landlord called the police, who found 60-year-old Anthony Jones, a homeless man who was living inside the attic with a backpack, bedding and clothes.

"As [officers] were coming up that staircase, they announced that officers were on scene and that if you were in the attic, to come forward," said Ashley Savage, a police spokesperson, reports WRC.

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Jones was taken into custody and charged for unlawful entry. He is being held without bail.

It's not clear how long Jones was living in the home. It's believed that he gained entry through a sliding glass door that was open.

The woman said that the police's quick action made her feel "much safer."

"It would be scary for anyone," said Savage, who warned that anyone who experiences a similar situation should call police instead of investigating a possible intrusion alone.

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"We will come and investigate," said the spokeswoman. "Don't put yourself in harm's way."

A commenter who said he lived near the home where the incident took place expressed surprise that "this hasn't happened more often now that I'm thinking about it," according to Daily Mail.

"[There are] lots of old people in that neighborhood who live alone so there are lots of seemingly vacant places, especially garages, that nobody really checks out regularly," the commenter added.

In a similar story from 2016, a woman was horrified to discover that a homeless man had been living in her shed, according to The Sun.

The man had left cigarette butts, beer cans and food containers in her garden after he ran away, said the homeowner, Heather Bradley.

"I could tell how long he had been living there because of the stench," she said, adding that he had left feces in newspaper all over her garden.

Bradley had sent her partner to confront the man after she saw him from a window, which is when he ran away.

"It's really frightening that I can't feel safe in my own home," said Bradley.

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