Woman Finds Silverfish In Soup At Queens Restaurant


New York woman Natalie Estrella is threatening a law suit against Queens restaurant Nuevo Mundo after she reportedly found a silverfish in her soup and had to be treated at the hospital.

Estrella ordered a bowl of sancocho and was halfway through it when she noticed the bug. When she showed the restaurant manager, he allegedly said “it’s nothing” and threw it away.

She says she was given a refund for the soup, but afterward had to go to the hospital for food poisoning.

“I felt dizzy, my stomach started hurting and then I threw up,” Estrella said.

Estrella called the day the worst of her life.

When interviewed by news channel Pix 11, a Neuvo Mundo manager identified himself only as Carlos. He argued that his food was only of the highest quality, and even allowed cameras in the kitchen.

Despite Carlos’ confidence, the restaurant has a pending “C” grade from the Department of Health, with 44 violation points. In the most recent report, there was reportedly evidence of mice in the facility’s food or non-food areas and it was classified as not vermin proof.

“People, please don't eat there for your safety,” Estella pleaded. “They just want your money they don't care about your health.”

Sources: DailyMail, Yahoo


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