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'We Weren't Offered A Refund': Woman Discovers Screw Inside McDonald's Meal

A grandmother says she was in the middle of eating a sausage and egg McMuffin at McDonald’s when she suddenly bit into something hard, spit it out, and discovered it was a metal screw.

Donna Savigar was dining with her 20-year-old daughter Dayna Bennett when the screw was reportedly discovered. After ordering the sausage and egg breakfast sandwich, Savigar says she ate through most of it before chomping down onto what she discovered was a sharp metal screw.

After spitting the screw out, Bennett confronted McDonald’s staff and asked that they refund the five dollar sandwich, but they told her they could only make her mother another one.

“I could have ended up choking to death - imagine if it had happened to a child,” Savigar said. “A child would start choking and you wouldn't know what to do because you certainly wouldn't be expecting them to have swallowed a screw in the middle of McDonald's. I don't see why they don't just pay up. All I was looking for was a refund.”

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Savigar and Bennett went to corporate about the find, but instead of giving them the money back on the spot, McDonald's said they couldn’t do anything until they completed an investigation.

“They need to train staff to deal with that sort of situation. A manager needs to come over and deal with it,” Savigar said. “We weren't offered a refund and we weren't even told how we could go about complaining to McDonald's about it.”

Bennett claims that this was her very first time going to McDonald’s and maintains that because of this incident with her mother, she will never return to the establishment again.

In a statement, McDonald’s says they are investigating the claims.

“We are sorry for Ms Bennett's experience when visiting our restaurant,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “Food safety and quality are our highest priority and both our restaurants and our suppliers place great emphasis on quality control and follow rigorous standards in order to avoid imperfections in our products. An investigation is underway following the reporting of this incident and our Customer Service department will be in touch with Ms Bennett to keep her updated.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Inquisitr / Photo Source: Daily Mail 


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