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Razor Blade Discovered In Walmart Shopping Cart Handle

A woman from Bismarck, North Dakota, was shopping at a local Walmart over the weekend when she says her son discovered something frightening in the shopping cart handle: a razor blade.

Lisa Zimmerman told Inforum that her child alerted her to the fact that there was a sharp metal item poking out of the handle, and upon closer inspection, she realized it was a long razor blade, similar to the ones found in utility or box-cutting knives. Zimmerman said she would have sliced her hand had she run a sanitizing wipe over the handle. The incident took place Friday night at a Walmart located at 2717 Rock Island Place in Bismarck.

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The woman says she immediately alerted store managers to the discovery and that two managers responded swiftly. 

"They handled it well. They were just as upset about it as I was," Zimmerman said to Inforum in a phone interview on Tuesday.

The woman's friend encouraged her to contact police, who told her this was the first report of its kind they have received, reports Valley News Live. It is believed that this may be an isolated incident.

"I told the people that I should have told, and then from there I thought it was in their hands," she said. "Nobody got hurt. Nobody got cut."

Walmart spokewoman Betsy Harden had the following to say about the incident: 

We appreciate the customer bringing this to our attention, and we're relieved that no one was injured. We're looking into this. We take it very seriously.

Bismarck Police Sgt. Mark Buschena asked anyone with information to call 701-223-1212. People can also call anonymously at 701-224-8477.

Sources: Inforum, Valley News Live

Photo Credit: Inforum


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