Watch: Woman Encounters Opposum Family Living In Her Closet (Video)

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A Los Angeles woman was shocked to find an opossum family living in her closet. Tara McVicar caught the ordeal on video – posted below – which quickly went viral, garnering over 200,000 views.

McVicar was reportedly doing spring cleaning in her house when she suddenly heard hissing coming from her closet. She soon discovered that it was an opossum, living inside of a black plastic garbage bag in her closet, and began attempting to get it to come out. Each attempt was met with a loud, angry hiss from the marsupial.

She later tried to get it out of the bag with a broom, but the animal reacted negatively.

“Holy crap,” she said after the possum hissed at the broom in its face. “Do not poke the possum.”

McVicar soon realized that the opossum was protecting a brood of babies along with it, and stepped up her attempts to help set it free. She ultimately took half of the animal’s babies outside and was able to lure the mother out.

“She's coming to judge my cluttered room,” she said to the camera. “No judgment. You're a marsupial, you can put your clutter in your pouch."

Sources: NBC Los Angeles, Reddit

Photo Credit:, Tara McVicar


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