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S.C. Woman Finds Marijuana In UPS Package

An unidentified woman in Rock Hill, South Carolina, was hoping to receive her hair care products in the mail on Sept. 28, but instead she found two packages of marijuana, police say.

Commander Marvin Brown with the York County Drug Enforcement Unit told WCNC that it’s not uncommon for illegal substances to be sent through the postal service.

"Normally they pick an apartment or a house that's either vacant or [whose residents] would be at work,” he said. "But as it stands with what happened Monday and what's happened some other days, people take that particular day off, and the package was delivered."

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"There's always a fictitious name,"  Brown added. "They normally come from California or Arizona."

While these packages aren’t typically a threat, Brown says that people should be careful. 

"I would recommend if you get a package to your house and it's not addressed to you, call law enforcement," he said. "It could be any number of things, but recently, more often than not, it's been drugs."

In July, York County authorities seized nearly a dozen packages of marijuana in the mail.

Marijuana parcels confiscated by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service have increased by more than 400 percent since 2007, according to ABC News.

Sources: WCNC, ABC News / Photo credit: Dank Depot/Flickr, Kate Ter Haar/Flickr


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