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Woman Finds Man's Body In Hot Tub At NYC Spa

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A woman who climbed into a hot tub at a high-class spa was shocked when she found a man’s body underneath her feet.

Hock Ma was underwater at the rooftop hot tub of the Spa Castle center in Queens, New York, and went undiscovered until the guest felt him underneath her feet. The woman allegedly ran out of the hot tub and screamed for help after finding Ma’s body.

“[She was] actually walking into the water and felt something by her feet,” the woman’s friend said. “It was the gentleman. He went under and no one noticed him.”

While staff attempted to give emergency aid to Ma while medics were called, Ma was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

New York City regulations demand that monitoring of spa pools is regularly performed, so it’s unclear why nobody noticed Ma. However, small print on the Spa Castle’s website emphasizes that guests should use caution near the pool and that the establishment isn’t responsible for any injuries. Commenting on Ma’s death, a spokesperson for Spa Castle noted that safety procedures were followed correctly following the discovery of the 84-year-old’s body.

“It does warrant a closer look so this doesn’t happen to someone else and it’s a shame it happened to my father,” Ma’s son, James, said.

The New York City Health Department is currently looking into the incident, including the facility's safety plan.

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Sources: DailyMail, NBC / Photo Credit: DailyMail


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