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Woman Finds Latex Glove In Her Burrito (Photos)

A Texas woman purchased a seemingly harmless burrito from a local Stripes convenience store in Midland while on her way to work, but when she was about halfway through eating it, she was shocked to discover that the finger of a latex glove was stuffed inside.

"I just wanted to stop by and get one, I hadn't had one in I don't know how long," said Cynthia Corrigan of the 86 cent fried burrito. "I couldn't wait."

"I was using taco sauce and when I was looking at my burrito to put it in, that's when I noticed the little blue speck in there," continued Corrigan. “I didn't even know what to expect at that point, what was coming out of there, it was so gross. t was nauseating. I kind of yelled and my boss came and asked me what was wrong. Luckily no finger in it!"

Corrigan says she reached out to the store's manager to complain and she was told that all the burritos come from an outside vendor and that all they actually do at the store is fry them.

"I filled out my incident report and he refunded my money for the one burrito," said Corrigan.

The company says it has pulled the burritos from all stores and has notified the outside vendor of the discovery. Corrigan says her main concern has been that someone who shouldn’t come in contact with latex winds up purchasing one of these burritos.

"It could've been someone with an allergy to latex, it could've been a child eating it and possibly choked on it," said Corrigan. "Numerous things could've happened and I'm just glad it was me."

Corrigan says that she would return to the convenience store to purchase a soda, but she plans to steer clear of their food going forward.

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