Woman Finds Husband's Dead Body Using iPhone App


A Harris County, Texas, woman used a popular iPhone app to track down her husband, leading her to his deceased body on Jan. 14.

Carla Melendez said she used the app after becoming concerned about where her husband was. The app, which uses GPS to locate a phone, showed the woman’s husband, 23-year-old Ramiro Acosta, in one constant location for a long period of time.

He was located about 30 minutes from their home.

“It showed trees and it was weird because why would his phone be by trees?” Melendez told ABC. "It was there for a while."

She drove by the location and discovered her husband’s dead body on the side of the road.

“I just wanted him to wake up, but lord knows how long he had been laying there,” she said, according to Daily Mail. 

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It was later revealed that Acosta had gone out with friends to stage a robbery for drugs, reported Daily Mail.

Police subsequently determined that Acosta was shot in the torso accidentally, according to Daily Mail. His friend, Tristain Porter, was later arrested and charged with murder in the killing.

He told police that he and Acosta planned to rob a drug dealer, but a fight broke out and he fired his gun.

Sources: ABC 13, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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