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Hidden Camera Discovered In Restaurant Bathroom's Air Freshener (Video)

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A woman in Arizona reportedly discovered a hidden camera inside of an air freshener in a restaurant bathroom. 

The woman, who identified herself only as Lisa, said she was at Which Wich restaurant in Glendale, Arizona, when she found the camera in the bathroom. 

“Before we left, I used the restroom, and I heard something beep,” she told AZ Family in a phone interview (video below). “I followed the sound and noticed there was a square air freshener, a plastic air freshener, on the floor.

"So once I picked it up, it beeped again, so I opened it and pulled back the foil and noticed there was an iPhone in there. I took the iPhone out, and it was very hot. Once I looked at the screen, [I noticed] it was recording.”

Shocked, Lisa left the bathroom and informed her boyfriend of her discovery. 

“He went in there and talked to the manager, and he said, 'I'm sorry. I'm embarrassed, but I can't contact police right now because I do not want to ruin my business reputation,’” she said.

Lisa’s boyfriend then took it upon himself to contact police, who went to the restaurant and investigated. Upon investigating, they too discovered the iPhone. 

Authorities are now investigating, and trying to determine through surveillance video who put the iPhone in the restroom. The owner of Which Wich told reporters that he and his establishment were cooperating with the investigation.

Sources: AZ Family, YouTube

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