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Husband Caught Cheating On Wife In Facebook Photos

A wife discovered that her husband was having an affair after photos of him having sex with his mistress spread on social media.

The man, a senior insurance manager for Marsh Ltd. in Christchurch, New Zealand, was caught by patrons at a bar across the street having sex with another employee in the office. The cheating husband and his mistress forgot to turn the lights off while they were engaging in sexual activity, so the patrons at the neighboring bar witnessed everything and actually cheered them on from outside.

Soon after, photos of the escapades started to spread on social media, and while on Facebook, the man’s wife stumbled upon the photos. Reports say that she isn’t speaking to her husband and is not taking the news well.

“She had no idea until she came across it on Facebook on Monday night,” a source told The New Zealand Herald. “She's in pieces and can't even speak to him.”

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Since the photos spread on Facebook and word of the story got out, senior officials at Marsh have reportedly flown to the branch to address the situation. It’s not clear if either of the employees involved will lose their jobs, but sources say that is a definite possibility.

“The other employees are all keeping their heads down and are just trying to get on with things,” a source claimed. “It's a pretty surreal situation for them.”

Some people have claimed that the couple’s privacy was breached when photos were posted online, but Privacy Commissioner Johns Edwards says, according to The New Zealand Herald, that those who posted them probably won’t face any legal action.

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“The people who were watching, we may criticize [sic] them for a lapse of decency in taking advantage of that, but it is unlikely there'd be any legal liability for their action,” Edwards said.

Marsh Ltd. addressed the controversy in a statement, saying that they’re “dealing with the matter internally” and that it’s “unknown” what will happen to the two employees.

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Sources: Daily Mail, The New Zealand Herald / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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