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Facebook Helps Save Overheated Dog Trapped In Car (Video)

A concerned woman discovered a panting dog locked in a parked car and decided to upload pictures to social media in an attempt to save the visibly overheated animal.

Xochitl Dalton says she pulled into the parking lot of a local water park in Spring, Texas and noticed the dog in the back of a locked vehicle panting. After first calling the police, Dalton decided to post pictures online to local Facebook groups, and almost immediately, people who saw the picture rushed to the park to help.

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“I looked over and saw that there was a huge yellow Lab,” said Dalton. ”It looked like it was really, really hot. I posted a picture of the dog to several Facebook groups. I was amazed at how many people were wanting to rescue this dog.”

About a dozen people showed up to help rescue the dog, and some even brought hammers and bricks to smash the window of the car. When police arrived, they allegedly went on a search for the dog’s owner but refused to smash the window. Eventually, a park employee was able to squeeze his hand through an opening in the window, unlock the car, and rescue the tortured dog.

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Investigators now say that the temperature inside of the vehicle reached 140 while the dog was inside, and it is a miracle that the dog is still alive.

"You can't do that," said local resident Rhonda Blaschke. "The (dog owner) is in there enjoying themselves in the water while their dog is out here miserable. It's too hot."

Police eventually located the dog’s owner inside of the water park and arrested him on animal cruelty charges. The dog was taken in for a health examination and is now in the care of the local police.

​Sources: TheBlaze,, Click2Houston


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