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Woman Finds Dog In Garbage (Photos)

A Kentucky woman was driving on the way to work when she spotted something extremely unusual on the side of the road: a moving trash bag.

"I saw this trash bag in the road, and I thought to myself, 'Did I just see that bag move?' The closer I got, I realized it was moving," said Malissa Sergent Lewis, a local school teacher, to The Dodo. "I could hardly wrap my mind around that."

She was unsure if there was a dangerous animal inside the bag. However, given that it was a scorching hot summer day in Kentucky, she felt as though she had to do something to help. "Something was alive in that bag," she said, "and I just knew I had to get whatever it was out."

Lewis approached the bag with caution and noticed that it was tied at the top, to prevent whatever was inside from getting out. Lewis carefully tore a corner of the trash bag to peek inside and was met with a surprise. 

"It was a puppy," she told The Dodo. "And he sure was glad to see me. As soon as I opened it up, and he saw light, he just started wagging his tail. He knew he was OK. I couldn't believe it."

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She later took him to the vet for an examination. The dog was proclaimed perfectly healthy and identified as being no more than eight weeks old. 

Disgusted by the events of that day, she took to Facebook and posted a status explaining the whole ordeal, according to Little Things. "If this is your puppy, let me know. If you are the scoundrel who put it in a garbage bag and tossed it on the side of the road…’re a sicko."

Authorities are investigating who could have left a puppy to die on the side of the road. Meanwhile, Lewis says that she and her family have fallen in love with the dog and have decided to adopt him.

Appropriately, they named him Hefty, after the bag he was found in.

Sources: The Dodo, Little Things, Malissa Sergent Lewis/Facebook / Photo credit: Malissa Sergent Lewis/Facebook via Little Things

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