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Woman Finds Disturbing Rape Threat On TV In Hotel Room

A woman checked into a Travelodge recently and turned on the television in her room only to discover a message across the screen that threatened to rape her.

According to reports, the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, checked into a Travelodge in Gateshead one night not long ago. Upon turning on her TV, she was shocked to discover the message, “I’m going to rape you,” written across the screen.

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The woman reportedly went right to Travelodge staff members who promptly addressed the situation by removing the words from the screen. The company now says they believe that someone may have used the TV manufacturer’s code to change the words on the screen for the next customer. The woman says that the hotel chain has been “great about it,” and in a statement released by Travelodge following the incident, they offered an apology.

“We have already been in contact with the customer involved and apologized that such a message could appear,” said a Travelodge spokesperson in a statement.

Police have not become involved in the situation, and the hotel chain says they are launching their own investigation, starting with the TV supplier.

Sources:BBC News, Metro UK, The Guardian / Photo Source: Metro UK


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