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Woman Finds Bugs Inside Makeup Sponge (Video)

A 20-year-old from Mildenhall, Suffolk, England, was shocked to find bugs living in her beauty blender makeup sponge, and the recording she made of her discovery has since gone viral (video below).

Stevie Miller posted the video originally to Facebook, and then on YouTube. She says her sister bought her the beauty blender because “she’s the loveliest sister ever.” 

What Miller found living inside her beauty blender a short time after having it is not the loveliest thing ever.

In the video, Miller explains that she found a small hole in her beauty blender, looked inside, and saw something black.

Miller thought something from her makeup bag had gotten stuck inside.

She was wrong.

Using tweezers, Miller pulled the black object out and discovered it to be a bug with the “texture of a beetle.” She shows the bug in the video for all to see.

She “freaked out” and went in with tweezers again, this time removing a wing.

In the video, she compares the size of the wing to a penny.

“What is that?” Miller says as she shows the next black bug she pulled from the beauty blender.

“It’s got like weird little legs and another wing,” she says.

After feeling inside her beauty blender, she notices something hard and decides to cut it up with scissors.

“I’m so scared to cut this,” Miller says, holding the scissors and the beauty blender.

“Just cut it and hurry up,” Miller’s mother says in the background.

After some time, and cutting, Miller finds the source of the hard lump.

“Oh my God, I see a black thing,” she screams, clapping her hands together after dropping the beauty blender.

Her mother prods her to keep cutting and remove the black thing.

“I’m so scared,” Miller says as she starts cutting again. “Why did I move out? I’m not capable of living on my own.”

“Do it do it, it will teach you to be independent,” her mother says.

“I don’t want to be independent," Miller screams. "It’s got legs!” 

Miller later holds up one of the bugs to the camera and says, “I will be sending the video to the maker of beauty blenders and say you need to make them bug-proof.”

She then lays all four bugs out on a piece of paper.

“I’m probably going to get some skin disease now and will never be able to leave my flat again,” Miller says.

“I need a shower, I need bleach, I need Jesus,” she adds.

The video has been viewed more than 815,000 times on Facebook, reports The Daily Mail.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Stevie Miller/YouTube / Photo credit: The Daily Mail


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