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Baby Found Strapped Into Car Seat By Dumpster (Photos)

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Police in Matteson, Illinois, are looking for answers after a baby was found strapped in a car seat and abandoned behind a set of apartment dumpsters on the evening of Sept. 7.

Officers have identified the infant's family but are continuing the probe as of Sept. 8, reports WMAQ.

"Detectives are attempting to uncover the circumstances surrounding this incident," police said in a statement, according to WBBM.

Officers sent the baby boy to the hospital for a medical evaluation and have since temporarily put him in the custody of the Department of Child Family Services until they can learn more information.

"Matteson Detectives and DCFS are currently investigating the case," officers said in a statement. "The important fact right now is that the child is safe and being cared for, and the child and family members have been identified."

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An apartment resident spotted the baby after hearing crying while out for a walk, notes WMAQ. The resident called police upon noticing that the car seat was lodged in a wooded area near a walking trail.

Officers arrived and went door-to-door to question residents, but did not receive any relevant information.

"The baby appeared to be in good health, but had a soiled diaper and wet socks," police said in a press release, according to WMAQ. "There were no adults anywhere in the area."

The boy was fully clothed and was found with a cloth bag that contained a dirty milk bottle, a blanket, instant Cream of Wheat hot cereal, baby food, diapers, wipes and some animal toys, among other items.

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He is believed to be between six and nine months old.

Some Facebook users blasted the boy's parents for abandoning him, but others questioned whether something more sinister was going on.

"My first thought is he's so beautiful, also looks clean and happy, well taken of," one person commented WLS' Facebook page. "All I read is negative comments all so quick to judge the parents. [None] of us know what happened, he could have been kidnapped, or his mom may have come to harm. The best we can do it pray for this boy and his family!"

Another suggested the possibility that the parents could have been carjacked "and the thief decided to leave the baby there."

"I don't get why people throw away their children!!!" wrote one person who, like several others, offered to take him in.

Another commenter expressed gratitude that at least the baby was left in a relatively safe place "where he could be found and not hurt" rather than leaving him somewhere to die.

"I will pray for him and for him to have a good life," the Facebook user added.

Sources: WMAQ, WBBMWLS/Facebook / Featured Image: sabianmaggy/Flickr / Embedded Images: Matteson Police via WLS

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