NYC Woman Shocked To Discover 50K Bees In Apartment Ceiling

A New York woman was shocked to discover that tens of thousands of bees were living in her ceiling.

Frieda Turkmenilli says a few weeks went by and she sporadically noticed some bees flying around her apartment, but she hadn’t seen a large amount and wasn’t totally freaked out. Other neighbors were, however, and some decided to complain to the building manager Mike Canden.

Some of the bees were removed and taken to a bee farm after the initial complaint, but not long after that, expert beekeepers Anthony Planakis and Larry Stone were called in to solve to increasing problem. After using a thermal imaging camera to do some detection, the two experts were in shock to find 50,000 bees nested in the ceiling.

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(via NY Daily News)

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(via NY Daily News)

“They're gonna go out and find a suitable home, and come back to the swarm and relay the message,” said Planakis, before actually removing all of the bees. “And they're gonna go to that location."

The tens of thousands of bees, along with a number of honeycombs, were brought to Upstate New York to live on a farm.

Sources: Eyewitness News 7, Pix 11 News, NY Daily News


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