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Woman Finally Tracks Down Missing Husband, Finds Out What Happened To Him

Karen Marx believed she had met the man of her dreams when she met Adam Marx in the shadow of a carnival ride several years ago. She found him deeply charming and was undeterred by the fact that he was still married - he’d moved out of his first wife’s house just six weeks after they got married. 

Karen and Adam tied the knot on Valentine’s Day in 2001, a year after he finalized the divorce.

"I figured, 'He's going to get divorced, and this means he really wants to be with me and the kids,'" Karen told Post-Crescent Media. "We'll be one big, happy family.”

Almost immediately the marriage was fraught with trouble. Adam disappeared for months at a time and returned whenever Karen, who was the sole breadwinner, would receive a bonus. The family eventually reunited and moved to Montana together. After a brief period of smooth sailing, Adam began accumulating debt and Karen suspected he was cheating on her. By 2005, the couple lost touch and Karen was left to pay his debts.

According to The Daily Mail, Adam had vanished from her life at that point.

In 2014, Karen found out through Adam’s mother that he had remarried and was now living in Wisconsin. Adam claimed he believed Karen had taken care of the divorce herself, but he was still arrested. Adam was charged with bigamy, fraud and a making false statement on a marriage license. If convicted of fraud, the most severe charge, he faces up to six years in prison. Bigamy carries a maximum penalty of 3½ years in prison.

Karen is starting her new life in Wisconsin, closer to her family, and finalizing her divorce. She won’t date until she’s officially single. “I consider myself married. I thought when you married someone, you married him for life, through sickness and health," she said. "Even though he's married to some other woman, I'm still a married woman, and married women don't do that.”

Still, she was happy her soon-to-be former husband is facing justice. “I just feel so good knowing that he's before the judge and things are going to start happening," she said. "He's finally going to get what's coming to him.”

Sources: Post-Crescent Media

Image via Daily Mail


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