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Woman Finally Discovers Upsetting Reason She's Constantly Approached By Strangers (Photos)

Ever since the pictures on their social media accounts were stolen, Ellie Flynn says she and her friends have constantly been approached by strangers who claim to know them. And this hasn't just been a one time thing -- Flynn claims that this has been going for nearly a decade.

In other words, people have been using the group's photos to "catfish" guys for the last eight years. This happens when a stranger takes pictures from social media accounts and uses the same pictures under a different, fake name.

In Flynn's case, her and her friends' pictures are used by people using the same first name but different last names -- Ellie Flynn's "alter-ego" is named Ellie Rose and her friend Chia's is Chia Colarossi.

“Every photo we uploaded is re-posted to Facebook by our respective fake accounts; every job we start is updated on our profiles; every tweet is repeated,” Flynn noted in an article she wrote for Vice. “It’s so believable that I’ve genuinely considered whether or not there’s a parallel group of everyone I know.”

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Apparently, Flynn and her friends have been approached several times by men who have spent time talking with the person behind their fake accounts.

“They often demand we show some form of ID,” Flynn said. “Each time they’re left disappointed.”

Flynn noted that some of the men had been in contact with their fake counterparts for months; one man reportedly even thought he was in love with the fake version of one of Flynn's friends.

Flynn has attempted to contact the people behind the fake accounts in the past, and some have replied. One person said that they had tried to stop faking Flynn’s identity, but that they were addicted to catfishing.

Unfortunately, the profiles are still being updated on a regular basis. 

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Photo Credit: Vice


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