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Woman Films Alleged Child Abuse In Texas Restaurant And Shares On Social Media

A Texas woman is defending her decision to share a video on social media of what she claims was child abuse.

Rachael Bellamy was at a Grand Prairie restaurant when she filmed the stranger’s actions.

“That child was abused. And I needed to be able to show that,” Bellamy told CBS DFW, after recording the incident on her cell phone. “She took her hands, grabbed the child by the face, squeezed it tight. The child started to cry and some rice came out of his mouth.”

Bellamy said the sight disturbed her, and although she didn’t want to confront the woman, she felt she had to do something.

“I just keep picturing that sweet baby’s face,” she commented.

The police have opened an investigation in response to Bellamy’s video.

But despite Bellamy’s good intentions, they questioned her decision to post the video online.

“We would encourage people not to report crimes, especially in progress in this case, through a social media platform,” stated Grand Prairie police spokesperson Lyle Gensler. “It kind of could ruin our investigation once we start looking into it.”

He added that following Bellamy’s example could give an advantage to suspected criminals.

“The person could disappear. If some sort of device was used in the course of the crime, they could destroy that,” he warned.

But such concerns have not stopped Bellamy from defending her approach.

“This isn’t about shaming the woman. It’s about getting help for the child,” Bellamy pointed out. “I feel like attention is on the situation.”

For Bellamy, social media is the best tool to achieve that goal.

“It’s the quickest way to get results and to spread any sort of message or get any kind of help you need,” she argued.

Sources: CBS DFW, CBS News/ photo credit: CBS DFW


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