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Woman Files Plea To Charge Sheriff Who Allegedly Beat Her (Photos)

A dentist who claims a sheriff assaulted her during a traffic stop last year has filed a plea to have the sheriff charged.

The alleged victim is Simona Tibu. Tibu was driving to work on August 3, 2013, when she was stopped by an Alberta sheriff for speeding. Tibu says that as the officer approached her car, he pounded on her window.

Tibu told the sheriff that she wouldn’t hand over her license and registration if he didn’t stop pounding on her window. She added that she would start filming him if he didn’t calm down. The sheriff then allegedly became violent and made Tibu get out of her car.

Once outside, the sheriff told Tibu to place her hands on the trunk of her car. Tibu claims the deputy proceeded to hit her breasts while pushing his groin into her backside.

At this point, Tibu began to scream. Her screams apparently provoked more aggression from the sheriff. She was hit on the back of the head and knocked to the ground.

“I felt a hit in my head then he smashed my head on the pavement on the road until I was full of blood,” she said. “Then he told me, ‘Now I’m going to walk all over you.’”

Despite leaving the scene with deep cuts and bruises all over her body, Tibu was charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a law enforcement officer.

But Tibu isn’t accepting the charges. She’s firing back with allegations of her own.

Tibu appeared in court on January 30 to present her case against the sheriff. The presiding judge told her she has reasonable grounds on which to charge the sheriff, but an official decision would not be made for several weeks. Officials will review Tibu’s claim and all available evidence – including her medical records and the sheriff’s dashcam footage – and determine if there are legitimate grounds on which to charge the sheriff.

“They determine if the case moves forward, if there will be charges, if they’ll be dismissed or stayed,” Alberta Justice spokesperson Michelle Davio said.

Tibu is also filing to have all available evidence from her case made available to the public and media.

“I have big medical records, lots of pictures and three witnesses that came forward to help me, therefore I am confident I will get justice,” she said.

Here are two pictures Tibu took of herself after the alleged assault:

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Sources: Edmonton Sun, Huffington Post


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