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Woman Files Complaint After Deputies Allegedly Hurt Her And Search Her Home Without A Warrant (Video)

Four deputies in Travis County, Texas, are facing a complaint related to an early morning search of Travis Thayer’s Pflugerville home. Thayer managed to capture the exchange using her cellphone camera (video below).

Around 3 a.m. on Aug. 2, Thayer woke up to what she initially thought was a home invasion. It turned out to be deputies looking for her roommate, Carly Christine. They claimed one of Christine’s family members had requested a welfare check, but Thayer didn’t know where she was. Despite this, deputies searched her house and grabbed Thayer by the arm, My Fox Austin reported. 

"And another officer got behind me and put his knee into my back and thrust me to the ground while one stayed on my chest the entire time and handcuffed me,” said Thayer.

She can be heard yelling “stop, stop!” on the video and begging the officers to let her go as she’s arrested in her home. Deputies refused to provide her with a warrant and can be heard in the video alleging that she tried to bite them, although no charges have been filed against her.

After she was allowed to stand up, the deputies refused to leave. 

"They acted as if I wasn't even talking, they kept asking me where she was and I had already had complied and told them everything I knew, at that point I was done, I couldn't do anything and they just wouldn't listen,” she told My Fox Austin.

Thayer has accused the deputies of breaking and entering as well as being physically and verbally abusive and has filed a formal complaint against the unidentified officers.

The sheriff’s department is investigating the allegations. 

 Austin attorney Travis Williamson said the video was “troubling.”

"Courts look at these situations very, very closely and they want to make sure there is a responsible need from an objective point of view, so is always concerning,” said Williamson, adding that officers can enter a home if they believe someone is in need of immediate assistance.

Thayer hopes the video can shed some light to the situation. "I knew from the moment they walked in there was a very aggressive tone about them and I needed to get this because nobody would ever believe this,” said Thayer.

Thayer’s roommate is alive and well.

WARNING: Video contains strong language.

Sources: My Fox Austin, YouTube Screenshot via YouTube


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