Woman Feels Something Brush Up Against Leg, Is Horrified By What's Staring Back At Her


A South Carolina woman felt something touching her leg when she reportedly realized a man was trying to take a picture up her skirt with a cell phone.

The woman was shopping at a Walmart in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on March 31 when the incident occurred, WMBF News reported. She told police she felt something touching her leg, then realized the man was near her. Luckily, she was reportedly wearing shorts underneath her skirt.

The woman contacted the store’s management, who then followed the man to his vehicle. The vehicle is described as a silver 2005 Ford Explorer with the South Carolina license plate: U30062. The man was described as in his 40s with a stocky build.

This invasion of privacy and assault is not uncommon at Walmart. In August 2015, an Oklahoma man was caught at a Walmart taking pictures from underneath a woman’s skirt, according to KFOR. Unfortunately, he left before police could catch him.

"What kind of level would you steep to just to satisfy your sexual urges," one shopper said following the incident.


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