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Pictures Emerge Of Spot Where Refugee Worker Stabbed

Pictures have emerged of the crime scene at an asylum center for teenagers near the Swedish city of Gothenburg, where a 22-year-old refugee worker was stabbed in January.

Alexandra Mezher was working alone on the night shift with ten male residents when the attack occurred Jan. 25, according to the Daily Mail.

Mezher was stabbed three times with a knife and bled to death from her injuries.

An Ethiopian refugee, Youssaf Khaliif Nuur, has been charged with Mezher’s murder and the attempted murder of another resident, who sought to take the knife from him after the attack.

Nuur claimed to be only 15, but authorities believe he is over 18 and lied about his age to get a place at the center.

“The young man has shown extreme ruthlessness and harshness which caused the death of Alexandra Mezher,” prosecutor Linda Wiking said, according to the Mail.

Prior to the attack, workers at the center complained about a lack of staff.

“Something serious will happen here,” one worker reportedly said a year before.

Nuur had been rejected for housing in another area because of his mental health problems, and the additional staff promised to support his care had not begun work when the attack occurred.

Reports suggest he was suicidal at the time.

“I wanted to kill myself, why did she have to take the knife away from me?” Nuur allegedly said immediately after attacking Mezher, according to a witness cited by the Local.

Mezher’s mother also indicated her daughter was aware of the dangerous situation.

“She got a call from her job saying that someone had taken a knife. She sat on the sofa, but got up and went into the bedroom and talked,” she said.

“I do not think she wanted me to know she did not want me to worry worried. It was the 24th, she sat and calmly painted her nails. She knew how she would handle it,” she added.

Hans Gaestadius, an attorney representing the Mezher family, explained what was frustrating them.

“What upsets my clients most is that they have not gotten the answers they need. The killer has not said why he did it,” Gaestadius said.

“Instead he say that he can not remember anything. He has a gap in his story just when he committed his crime,” he added.

Nuur’s trial is set to begin May 30. If he is convicted, he could be deported.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Local/ photo credit: Daily Mail

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