Woman Falls Out Of Moving Vehicle Onto Indianapolis Highway After Opening The Door To Vomit

A 27-year-old woman with a bad case of travel sickness, Zrmina Padsha, fell from the rear driver’s side door of a van on Interstate 69 on June 14, while she was trying to vomit out of the open door. Padsha’s brother, Roheena Sherzai of Indianapolis, was driving the vehicle.

Sherzai said he was trying to find a place to pull off the road for his sister who was feeling ill. As the vehicle continued on the Indianapolis interstate, Padsha reportedly opened the sliding door in an attempt to vomit outside of the van when she accidentally fell out of the vehicle.

Padsha was not wearing a seat belt, reported Fox 59. The driver was slowing down when his sister fell out of the car door behind him. She was not seriously injured.

Paramedics from the Indianapolis Fire Department quickly responded to the scene where they found Padsha conscious and alert. She was transported to St. Vincent Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

World Wide Weird News reported that witnesses said they saw the van driving in the center lane of the highway when it considerably slowed down. The van continued driving slowly while traffic passed on both sides and caused major traffic delays, reported Daily Star.

The incident, which World Wide Weird News reported to have occurred at about 11 a.m., caused traffic jams. All lanes on I-69 northbound at the 201.9 mile marker were closed after the woman’s fall. The lanes were closed for about 15 minutes before being reopened, according to FOX 59.

Sources: Fox 59, World Wide Weird News, Daily Star

Photo Credit: Chris Lawrence/Flickr via Indiana Public Media


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