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NYC Barista Falls To Her Death From Fire Escape After Drinking (Photos)

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A New York woman drunkenly fell to her death after slipping from a fire escape as she attempted to make her way back to her apartment.

Kasey Jones, a 26-year-old Wisconsin native living in Manhattan and working as a barista, had spent several nights on the fire escape drinking, most times with friends, the New York Daily News reports. She’d often post photos to Instagram, of the view below her feet — many times to the dismay of some of her friends.

“It scares the bejesus outta me whenever you post these ‘casually leaning over the edge’ pics,” a friend commented on Instagram under one of the fire escape photos.

“Well I have a lot of whiskey to help me out,” Jones replied.

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Early Tuesday morning, Jones was making her way down the fire escape and back to her apartment when she suddenly slipped and fell five stories down. Around 2:20 a.m., she slammed onto the concrete on the side of her building. 

The sound of her body hitting the pavement was so loud, according to reports, that it woke several neighbors.

“I heard people running on top of the roof,” 15-year-old Sangelys Perez, Jones' next-door neighbor, told the New York Post. Just minutes later, according to Perez, Jones’ roommate opened the boy's window and screamed for help.

“She was crying. She said I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Perez recounted. “I asked her ‘are you OK?’ She looked down and said ‘she fell she fell.’ I was scared I didn’t know what to do or say.”

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“I feel sad. She was so young,” Perez’s father, Julio Acosta, said. “Yesterday I saw her going out with the bike. She said hi to me. It pains my heart.”

According to neighbors, Jones and her friends regularly drank on the roof of the building. Several of Jones’ Instagram photos show bottles of alcohol on the ledge. The rooftop is accessible via the fire escape, so as to not trigger the fire alarm linked to the door in the stairwell that leads to it. 

“They drink up there, that’s what they do,” neighbor Frances Guerrero told the New York Post. “I used to climb the fire escape too, It’s very slippery when wet, and it was raining last night. When you are inebriated you don’t use your head.”

Sources: New York Daily News, New York Post

Photo Credit: Instagram, Facebook


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