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Mother Charged In Brutal Death Of Her 4-Year-Old Son

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The mother of a 4-year-old autistic boy who was found bound and burned to death is now being charged with her son's murder. 

Amelia Di Stasio, 23, is being charged with first-degree intentional homicide in the death of her son, Antonio. If convicted, she could be sentenced to life in prison. 

WITI reports that firefighters were called to Amelia's apartment in Milwaukee on Sept. 28 after smoke was seen coming out of a window. 

Firefighters forced their way into the apartment and found Antonio's body in the bathtub. His arms had been bound to his side using seven belts and a garbage bag was tied over his head. His body had been set on fire and was badly burned, according to WITI. 

A guinea pig was also found drowned in its cage near the tub, and a bottle of canola oil was in the sink. 

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Amelia was not home at the time and a witness later told police she had seen a "frazzled" woman jump from the window of the apartment, according to WITI. 

Amelia was arrested later that day after police found her walking along a street. 

A witness who lived in the same building as Amelia and Antonio told police that the day before Antonio's body was found, she heard screaming coming from their apartment. 

"Please mommy stop! I won't do it again!" Antonio said, according to the witness. Amelia responded by yelling at him to "shut up," according to WITI. 

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Amelia's brother and sister told WTMJ that they are struggling to understand their nephew's death. 

"I just want ot know why. I mean I just don't understand," said Eva Allen, Amelia's sister. "I love my sister regardless and I know she was sick. I want to tell her I'm angry. I'm very upset with her." 

"I [would] never think she could do some stuff like that," Amelia's brother, Anthony Bardwell, said.

Amelia's family was aware she had some mental health issues, according to WTMJ. 

A search of Amelia's phone showed that on Sept. 28, the day Antonio's body was found, she searched "how do cannibals die" and "how to kill a cannibal," according to WITI. 

The search found Amelia had visited an online message board dedicated to a video game in which the player fights cannibals. The message board states the best way to kill a cannibal in-game is "with fire," according to WITI. It also mentions that cannibals "like to bathe in oil."

Sources: WITI, WTMJ / Featured Image: Pavel Sevela/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: WITI

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