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Woman Faces Eviction For Refusing To Take Down American Flag


A Belmont, North Carolina, woman is facing eviction for refusing to take down an American flag outside her home.

Residents of the Cato Mobile Home Park recently received letters informing them that flags were no longer permitted on their rental lots. 

“It’s crazy that you can’t fly an American flag here in America,” resident Teresa Greene told WBTV at the time the letter was sent. "Last I figured, Belmont, North Carolina, was in America."

An employee of the mobile home community explained that the rule was decided after residents inquired about erecting certain flags outside their homes.To avoid controversy, it was decided that no flags would be allowed on the properties.

Problems in the community began several years ago, when a resident erected a flag that included the silhouette of a naked woman, reports Fox 10 TV.

Greene received a letter from Cato Rentals after refusing to remove her flag, informing her that she would be kicked out if she didn’t abide by the new regulations.

“As a month-to-month tenant, your Lease is subject to termination at any time upon sixty (60) day notice,” the letter read. “This letter serves as our sixty (60) day notice that we will no longer rent to you. Therefore, if your home is not removed from the community by December 1, 2015 we will begin the legal process of eviction.”

Greene plans to appeal the eviction notice.

Sources: WNCN, Fox 10 TV / Photo credit: WNCN


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