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Woman Faces $47,000 Bill For Stolen Enterprise Rental

Kristen Cockerill received a $47,000 bill from Enterprise after a rental she returned was immediately stolen.

In early October, Cockerill and her partner rented a Mustang convertible for the day and took a trip to South Shore.

“It was nice. It was a Mustang GT convertible,” Cockerill said. “Yeah, I don't know Mustangs the way that other people might, but it was a nice car.”

At the end of the rental, Cockerill returned the car to the Enterprise rental lot in Dartmouth. Because it was a Sunday, and the location was closed, Cockerill was told to drop the car keys into a secure box and leave the car in the lot.

The next day, Enterprise called Cockerill and reported that they had received the keys, but no car.

“I was pretty panicked, wondering where this car went,” Cockerill said.

Cockerill went into the office after work and explained that she had returned the car, leading to a police investigation.

When police discovered that the vehicle had been stolen, Cockerill thought she was free of any further obligation. Instead, she received a bill for the replacement value of the car: $47,000.

While Cockerill’s insurer has said that she can not be held responsible for the car, Enterprise has threatened to bill her credit card for the cost of the car.

Enterprise commented that the company is working with Cockerill in response to her concerns.

Sources: CBC News, The Prevailing Ethos


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