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Student's Experiment: What Amount of Makeup Does Society Prefer? (Photos)

A 21-year-old college student decided to conduct an experiment to see how her peers reacted to her wearing three different levels of makeup. The results of her experiment shine a light onto society’s obsession with perfection.

Brinton Parker, a senior at UC Davis, went to school wearing three different levels of makeup – no makeup, light makeup, and heavy makeup, and the reactions to her appearances yielded varying results.

“Because I am rather outgoing, my classmates and various people with whom I interacted throughout each day seemed to have no issue commenting on my appearance,” writes Parker in a Bustle article. “This resulted in a very interesting array of responses for me to jot down with my ‘experiment’ note app.”

On the first day when she wore no makeup, Brinton says many peers commented on her appearance, asking her if she had a rough weekend. A barista even gave her a coffee, noting that “you look like you could use this!”

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The second day, Parker points out, was close to her normal daily makeup, and she says she mostly received positive comments from friends around her.

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The third day was completely different, however, as she put on a heavier layer of makeup.

“It felt slightly liberating to doll myself up for no particular occasion, feeling Beyonce-level glam simply for attending my daily classes,” said Parker.

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On this day, people pointed out that she looked like she was ready to go to a party, with one person asking her if she was preparing for prom.

“My peers' opinions are just that: opinions,” concluded Parker. “What people think about my face is irrelevant, because my beauty regimen is what makes me feel good about myself. People like their voices to be heard, so they will comment on my face, hair and outfits, but ultimately their statements are just words. Regardless of what my peers think, I’m still proud of all three of my faces."

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