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Woman Expects Amazon Belly Button Ring, Finds Disturbing Surprise In Box

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A mother of two just wanted to buy a simple belly button ring on Amazon. But when her package arrived, she found something else inside the box.

Noeleen Green, 28, paid about $5 for the navel decoration and waited a whole five weeks for it to arrive. And obviously, she wasn't happy when it came, and she took to social media to voice her anger to the online retail giant, reported the Daily Mail.

“I looked at the parcel and admittedly thought it was a rather large parcel for such a small belly bar but nevertheless, the excitement stayed!!!” Green wrote on Facebook. “I even joked about what a waste of packaging. If only I knew the horrors within. Then I opened the parcel...”

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And inside Green found an anal sex toy.

“My heart dropped, sank. I was confused. This isn't my bag of tricks,” Green wrote. “I have young children in my house whom are now questioning the item and asking when we can set the game up and play.”

She added: “I am aware buying online can sometimes be confusing and details of items can get a little misconceived, however, I would like you to inform me how you can mistake my order for a sex toy.”

But an Amazon employee responded with a sympathetic note loaded with double entendres:

“I can only imagine how bummed you are, Noeleen. We're here to help and want to get to the bottom of this,” the Amazon employee wrote back.

But Green didn't like not being taken seriously.

"I am still coming to terms with the horror that has been caused to myself following the backlash of stick that I received on social media," she said. "I have lost faith in Amazon and their products, and won't be shopping with them again."

Amazon has since apologized and is investigating the situation, according to the Daily Mail.

This isn't the first time Amazon made the news for sex toys. Back in July, 2015, KTNV anchor John Potter decided to give his theory about why Amazon surpassed Walmart in value.

“You know why? ‘Cause they sell sex toys and Walmart can’t or won’t sell sex toys. Amazon does,” Potter said live on the station's early morning news show, reported the Huffington Post. “A friend of mine works in the warehouse and he says they sell a ton of them!”

Sources: Daily Mail, Huffington Post / Photo credit: Mcwesty/Wikipedia

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