Woman Escapes Assault by Stabbing Blowtorch-Wielding Attacker in the Eye With a Screwdriver


After a harrowing attack involving a blowtorch, one woman thought fast and was able to get away by plunging a screwdriver into the eye of her attacker.

Reports say that the woman was casually walking down the street when a man came up behind her, put a gun to the back of her head, and forced her into a small beige car.

“Once inside the vehicle, he struck her several times in the face,” said Detroit police officer Adam Madera. “And then he began ripping her clothes off.”

While assaulting her, the man grabbed a blowtorch and began to burn the victim’s legs. Quickly, the woman grabbed a nearby screwdriver, stabbed her attacker in the eye, and ran out of the car naked to a nearby house for assistance.

Police immediately responded to the scene, and the anonymous victim was taken to the hospital to be treated for major burns on her legs. Police are actively searching for the suspect, who they say is around 23-years-old. 

According to WXYZ, "Detroit Police believe the attacker is the same man who sexually assaulted two other women in July and used a blow torch to burn them."


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