One Great Reason Not To Charge Your iPhone In The Bathroom


A Russian woman tragically died after accidentally dropping her charging iPhone into her bathtub while looking at the Russian version of Facebook.

According to reports, 24-year-old Evgenia Sviridenko was scrolling through VKontakte, the Russian version of Facebook, while taking a bath when she accidentally dropped the phone into the water. The iPhone was connected to a charger when she dropped it, and as a result, Sviridenko was electrocuted.

Sviridenko’s housemate became worried after realizing that the 24-year-old had been taking a bath for a long time, and when the young woman didn’t respond to her, the housemate opened the door to find her dead in the tub.

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“I noticed that she had been gone a while, and when I couldn't raise her I opened the door and saw her floating on the water looking really pale,” Yaroslav Dubinina, 23, told local reporters. “I saw her phone which was on the charger and at the bottom of the bath, and I unplugged it and pulled her out...Her body was still shaking from the shock.”

Reports say that police are actively investigating and can’t say whether or not the phone was a licensed Apple product. Authorities are trying to figure out why the phone charger didn’t cut out when it dropped into the water.

Sources: The Daily Mirror, Daily Mail / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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