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Woman Dying of Cancer Seeks New Partner For Her Extra-Marital Lover

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Married Connecticut woman “Sharon B” decided to post a Craigslist advertisement searching for a new partner for her lover after she discovered she was dying of cancer.

“I was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer,” Sharon wrote. “I do not have long to live.”

Sharon said she is looking for a woman, not for her husband but a lover, to take up with him after their affair of five years, submitting the post with the title: “Very unusual request.”

“One of my last regrets is that I will be abandoning my wonderful intimate partner,” she wrote.

In the post, Sharon described the man as kind, generous and “very attentive to my sexual needs.” She seeks someone who can care for her lover and someone who is worthy of his attention.

Sharon also promised to explain the situation of her extramarital affair in later communications, calling it a long story.

The man she advertised for is apparently unaware of her intentions, though she is confident in persuading him to contact respondents who she deems worthy.

Sources: Daily Mail, Jezebel


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