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Woman Drinks Air Freshener After Mistaking It For Moonshine

Sandra Joyner Berry of Appling, Georgia, was visiting her estranged husband’s home on July 6, when she found a plastic water bottle labeled ‘Apple Cinnamon’ under a cabinet. Believing it was leftover moonshine, she drank it. 

Unbeknownst to Sandra, she actually drank liquid car air freshener.

Neil Berry, Sandra’s spouse, came home and she began feeling dizzy, WAGT reported. As Neil researched the effects of drinking air freshener, she collapsed. 

Neil called the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and placed his estranged wife in his vehicle and met deputies outside of a market, WJBF reported. Sandra was slumped over and struggling to breathe. She was transported to Doctor’s Hospital, but there is no word on her condition.

Sources: WJBF, WAGT Image via liz west/Flickr


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